About Liana

Certified Trichologist
International Association of Trichologist
World Trichologist Society
Holistic Practitioner – International Board of Traditional Healers
Iridologist – New York Center of Iridology & Herbs, New York City
Licensed Cosmetologist

Liana is a Lifestylist serving the beauty industry for over 30 years. After graduating college in Toronto, Canada she moved to California where she was exposed to a “new” holistic approach in order to manage some health issues she faced as a youth.  Embracing a holistic lifestyle that she has practiced for over 20 years, Liana was able to overcome her osteoporosis glandular issues that plagued her life at such a young age.  Through her experiences, Liana understands and assesses her client’s personal, professional goals and desires and assist them through her own experiences to uncover the best choices for their beauty and wellness and most importantly their “own uniqueness”.

Liana specializes in hair loss and is a Certified Trichologist.  Her certifications as a Holistic Practitioner and Iridologist help her get to the root causes of hair loss. These experiences enable her to support, improve and balance out her clients’ lives: mind, body and spirit. She specializes also in hair & wellness transitions which include color correction, growing out chemical processed hair, introducing color with integrity, and exercising.  It is her goal to support clients so they look and feel like they are in a direction of overall health, as many of her clients are transitioning to a “Lifestyle Change.”

Liana’s, services are unique as it relates to the latest innovative techniques in detoxification, weight-loss, nutritional and lifestyle practices, hair & scalp exfoliation, laser treatments, and high frequency treatments. These tools have been vital in restoring integrity to her clients’ lifestyle. Since then, she has been styling hair for Sony Records, BET “Rip the Runway”, Fashion Week,  an educator for Avlon (Affirm) Hair Care, John Atchinson, and James Harris and Hair Fashion Group.

Liana was recognized for her non-profit work and was the recipient of the 2012 Clairol Icon Humanitarian Award and the 2014 Sankofa NAACP Community Award for her work mentoring youth throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.