Y.O.U.  is a Hair & Wellness Spa, in New York.  We offer services to get to the “root cause” for your hair loss and wellness concerns from a Holistic approach Y.O.U. is a unique experience, inspiring and friendly striving to bring the best YOU mind, body and spirit.   If you are having the following problems as hair breakage, itchiness, scaling, hair loss or transitioning to new hair style, we can offer you alternative options through the following services:

Trichology Assessments
Hair Loss & Scalp Treatments
Scalp & follicle Exfoliations
Non Surgical Hair
Custom Non-Surgical Hair Pieces & Wigs
Hair and Color Services
Hair Transitioning

Our philosophy is less is more. We specialize in helping YOU to obtain the best path to achieve your hair concerns with the optimal roadways, as we have many daily inhibitors such as toxins, medications, extensions, food, pesticides and irradiated foods. With our experience we have seen hair grow within three to four months by recommending healthy food, exercise, rest, detoxification programs depending on the type of hair loss. I have found that clients over 15 years with hair loss started having their hair grow back stronger and thicker. I don’t know all the answers but have found giving the body what it needs is an attributable factor. Our goal is support you to achieve Your Own Uniqueness from a healthy perspective inside and out.