Trichology Assessment

    • Informational Consultation. 15 min. Will discuss options and hair products in regard to hair loss and the possibility of what type of hair loss you have can review our clients stories in a book with pictures of their “hair story”.No charge
    • Bio Survey Consultation. 30 min.  We run a bio-survey to find out what is your weakest body system and to discuss the possibilities of what type of hair loss you may have from the Hair Loss Analysis Scope.  Depending on your assessment we will suggest options for you  $40.
    • Hair Consultation. 70 min.  This is a an assessment to find the core reason why you are losing your hair.  We ask that you do not eat 2 1/2 hrs. before coming to appointment for a urine test to assess the body chemistry.  Bring in your recent blood work to review.   Hair analysis with a scope to see if follicles and scalp.   Bio scan for nutritional body chemistry.  Iridology assessment supports confirmation of assessment to determine the best way to suggest hair loss protocol and recommend a dermatologist or hair treatments to gain healthy hair. (Recommended if you’ve been to a dermatologist or on medication) $95.


Lifestyle Consultant

Even the one who eats healthy finds it necessary to supplement their foods with vitamins and minerals due to deficient minerals in our soil and environment, as well as through the lifestyle and bad habits we have today.  Being in New York, we are surrounded by cement and we don’t enjoy enough trees which provide healthy levels of chlorophyll during the day to help rid the toxins we are consuming.   If your body is deficient in one or more nutrients, you may experience hair loss, scalp disorders, fatigue, aches, or a sluggish colon. A health scan with “compass” will remove any guesswork and help you select the proper supplements and cross-check the information from the Iridology assessment.  Get a re-boot!

  • Wellness Online Consultation via skype (1 hour) with 15 min. follow-up (1 week later).  $75      Additional follow-up 30 min.  $40
  • Wellness Coaching 4 week sessions 30 min. Phone Consultation  (this service includes review blood workup and PH testing) $150
  • Trade Shows for Iridology & Hair Scalp Analysis l/2 hour $50
  • Speaking Engagements and Classes (call for pricing)

Hair Replacement

Are you the right candidate for Non-Surgical Hair Replacement (NSHR)?  It is best to come in for a consultation if NSHR is a great solution for you.   We have many different techniques, but our first option is to integrate your hair into pieces so you feel free and natural.

If you feel your hair is too thin and you are uncomfortable without something covering your head, NSHR or Cranial Prosthesis may be the right choice for you. Cranial prosthesis caters to extreme hair loss including cancer and burn patients as well as diabetes, hypertension or any severe hair loss concern. This pain free non-surgical procedure can help restore ones confidence, comfort and self esteem. Your customized system will look and appear as if hair is growing directly from your scalp and feel as if it’s your very own.

Hair Laser

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is non-invasive, non-surgical scientific approach to fighting hair loss. (More laser information on my Low Level Laser Therapy webpage.)It is effective against multiple levels and types of hair loss including thinning hair, receding hair line, male and female pattern baldness and various scalp issues. LLLT has been rigorously tested for both safety and effectiveness for well over 30 years and has been in use in many countries throughout the world for over 30 year

$45.00       1 Laser Treatment

$175.00     6  Laser Treatments

$50 Membership a year $18 Laser Treatments

LLLT non-surgical cosmetic treatments utilize a laser device which typically has between 110-160 therapeutic soft low level lasers. These lasers deliver light energy directly from the diode covering your head to the hair follicles under the scalp. This is essentially the same principle as that of photo-bio-stimulation; laser light stimulates cell metabolism thereby helping damaged cells to repair themselves. LLLT is a breakthrough technology which has received national attention on newscasts and news journals throughout the country. Many accredited physicians have praised this new technology as an effective treatment for hair loss.


Dry Winter White

Does your hair have more dandruff than usual? Feel dry, tired and stressed out? It could use a drink! Our thirst quencher deep conditioning cocktail featuring super charger moisturizer drenches your hair in moisture. Hair drinks in essential nutrients that repair from the inside out, leaving you with amazing reflective shine. Enjoy this cocktail while sitting under a steam bath.    $27

Psoriasis & Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Eating correctly and incorporating eating for your blood type helps balance body and cutting down sugar intake.   Vegetables would make our skin and scalp healthy and clearer. We will give you two pH sticks for you to monitor your internal body chemistry. This treatment is comprised of four visits over one month time weeks, and includes a scalp ointment to be used daily, tea and body detox.  In salon service includes scalp cleanser, steam, laser treatment.  (prices does not include hairstyle)  $24

Scalp Detox

Help combat thinning hair, hair loss, DHT, and oily or dry scalp. Scalpure as a natural clay to draw impurities from your follicle to assist your hair to grow healthier and fuller. Discover the beauty within. $30

Scalp Facial

Healthy hair begins with the scalp. Our scalp facial provides a natural dermabrasion treatment for the scalp. Exfoliation and circulation help to remove   toxins , unclogging the opening of the hair follicle to renew and improve the scalp. This treatment also includes a pre-clean which takes build up off the hair strand, leaving your hair with a new vibrancy.   $55

Psoriasis Treatment

This is in conjunction with a dermatologist using mild exfoliation and soothe pack to remove psoriasis plaque and alleviate discomfort.         $40 one time    $95 – 3 treatments     $200 – 8 treatments

Custom Piece Consultation

Discuss options of your hair desire – $25